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Yukimi Annand

United States

Yukimi Sasago Annand is a Southern California based calligrapher, lettering and book artist. She was born and grew up on her parents’ flower farm in Japan. She studied visual communication design and worked for ten years as a graphic designer in Tokyo. She left her position as a director in the prestigious Takenobu Igarashi Studio to come to the U.S. in 1990. While working as a freelance designer in Southern California she discovered the world of Western calligraphy, and has been fascinated by that world ever since.

She has been teaching calligraphy since 2003 and finds the value in sharing ideas with students. Her work has been frequently shown in Letter Arts Review as well as other calligraphic books and has been included in calligraphy collections in Berlin, San Francisco, and Moscow. She is discovering her soul in letters and hoping to find her niche as an artist who combines a love of nature and of letters.

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