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Lieve Cornil


Lieve Cornil fell in love with ink, pens and letters in 1988. After obtaining an MBA at University Ghent (Belgium) she applied at the Scriptorium de Toulouse to study lettering and graphics in a more serious way. She graduated in 1994 and was fortunate to continue her studies in the United States with two other big mentors Arne Wolf and Thomas Ingmire. She then moved to London and set up her own business as a freelance lettering artist, working mainly for Design Consultancies and Advertising Agencies, focusing on commercial hand lettering and exhibiting personal calligraphy work when possible.

After 9/11, things changed quite drastically and she decided to leave the UK and move to France instead. Having experienced the joy of teaching in higher education in England, she jumped at the occasion in 2002 of becoming a lecturer at the graphic design college ECV Atlantique in Nantes.

She got promoted to become the Director of the college, a job she thoroughly enjoyed till 2006. She then moved back home, continued her freelance lettering business in Bruges, Belgium. The joy of teaching never left her and in 2009 she set up Studio XII – International School for the Lettering Arts, presently called the European Lettering Institute which offers a professional full time education in the Lettering Arts.

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