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Heather Held


Heather immersed herself into the world of the pointed pen starting in 2003. She has since attended IAMPETH conferences (the International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting) as well as the Spencerian Saga for several years under the guidance of Michael Sull, and has been mentored for many years by Brian Walker in England. She teaches multiple workshops in offhand flourishing, calligraphic design, illumination, Italian Hand, Spencerian Script and English Roundhand, and has taught calligraphy guilds throughout Canada, the United States and Asia. Her work has been published in multiple books, journals and publications and licensed on holiday cards and paper goods. Heather’s background as a florist brings a knowledge of floral design into her calligraphic flourishing. Her teaching style is known as kind and encouraging, and her desire to teach comes from her deep love of this work and the meditative quality it can bring to our lives.

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