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Who is Afraid of Rudolph Koch?

Andrea Wunderlich
  • 5 Days
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Who is Afraid of Rudolph Koch? A craftman’s life & work or was he an artist?

Rudolf Koch is still one of the most influential German lettering artists. We all know his Neuland alphabet and his expressive Fraktur letterforms. In this workshop, we will look at his work as an artist – what influenced him? He was a craftsman, working very fine. He was designing typefaces, created expressive calligraphy and was naughty… from time to time! His free artwork was very much influenced by German Expressionism and serving as a soldier in World War I had a great impact on it. So, was he more of an artist, although he said that his work “should not be of too much art“? Rudolf Koch worked a lot on Fraktur letterforms. What did his works and alphabets look like? Which rules did he follow and which of them did he break? Naughty boys break rules . . . or is this also a challenge for contemporary calligraphy? Fraktur letterforms, their contemporary use and the refreshing breaking of rules will be the topic of this class.


– Das ABC-Büchlein, Rudolf Koch

– Rudolf Koch, Letterer, Type Designer, Teacher, von Gerald Cinamon, ISBN 9781584560135

Rudolf Koch’s work shared with permission

Supply List

  • Water glass
  • Tissue
  • Tracing paper
  • Gum sandarac powder
  • Pencil 2H
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Schmincke gouache (opaque white, jet black, lemon yellow, vermillion red, ultramarine deep blue, chromium oxide green) – two things to know: it doesn´t have to be Schmincke, but good quality gouache, we need these colours to follow Koch´s way of colouring, but then also bring your favourite inks and gouaches
  • Some pointed brushes for mixing the gouache and filling the nibs
  • Brause broad-edged nibs
  • Automatic pens (and then again also bring your favourite writing tools)
  • Sketchpad
  • Some higher quality sheets of paper, like BFK Rives, Arches or Hahnemühle
Supply Fee $0.00