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Uncials - The Full Story

Ewan Clayton
Class Full
  • 5 days
  • Intermediate/Advanced
  • EN

This class represents a deep immersion in the world of Uncial letterforms. On the side we will also look at ink, specifically stick ink or sumi - an ink that gives fine and dense lines and can last for a thousand years! Uncials were a mainstream bookhand for over five hundred years and used from North Africa to Scotland and Spain to the Middle East. There are many variations on this lettering style. The hand emerged from cursive writing in the middle to late Roman Empire. It continued to be written into the high middle ages influencing the form of Lombardic and Gothic capitals. In this class we look at simple early uncials, sloped cursive uncials, later lapidary uncials involving pen manipulation and finish with swaggering Lombardic capitals (a form of versal lettering). We will study historic examples encouraging you to arrive at your own interpretation with ease of movement around these beautiful rounded letter shapes.

Supply List

  • Layout Bond (not smaller than 11" by 17"/ A3)
  • Pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Dip pens with a range of square edged nibs (Mitchells, or Brause or Tape or Speedball).
  • An old watercolour brush to fill pen or mix colour
  • Your choice of gouache (at least two, if in doubt bring red) and a plate/palette for
  • mixing it
  • Any non waterproof black ink - your choice, if you have any sumi bring it – especially if you want it identified.
  • Eraser, pen wipe, water container
Supply Fee $0.00
Class Full