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The Ruling Pen…The Perfect Foil

Peter Thornton
  • 2.5 days (1st half)
  • All
  • EN

Calligraphy – beautiful writing – has historically appealed to the left and logical side of our brain. In this class we shall be working with the ruling pen on numerous exercises, using letters that produce a wide range of tones, textures and colours – where absolute legibility is sometimes sacrificed for visual interest and where logic is replaced with invention and play.

We shall be using the folded ruling pen*, a tool that openly encourages a more adventurous (and less precious) approach.

Beginning with some simple and fundamental strokes, we shall carefully build up alphabets that have a healthy disregard for ‘safe and pretty’ lettering, forming letters that carry a certain ‘rebel’ demeanor.

We shall also focus on balancing these visual and textural letters with our logical need to read – combining our new-found skills of tonal and textural excitement created with the ruling pen alongside contrasting and conventional pen or pencil work, creating the perfect foil and partner in several finished projects in class.

Throughout will be many demonstrations, short talks and explanations including the making of a folded ruling pen.

*A ruling pen will be made for each student should they wish.

Supply List

  • Black and/or walnut ink
  • Gouache and/or watercolours
  • Palette and water pot
  • HB pencil
  • Old brush for loading the ruling pen
  • Any paper that is heavier than Layout paper. Pastel paper or heavier/toothier paper works well.
  • A quotation of approximately 15 to 25 words.
  • Paper towels
Supply Fee $0.00