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The Dancing Line

Heather Held
  • 2.5 days (1st half)
  • All
  • EN

Unleash the magic of pointed pen offhand flourishing to embellish and enhance your calligraphic work. Learn to take simple lines and make them dance across your page. We start with simple strokes and expand our work to more complex swags, arches and borders that can meander freely around your page in endless design possibilities. Line drawn florals and accents are incorporated into the designs and then embellished with various applications of colour. We will explore the use of straight lines to help harness the power of these fascinating curves. This class will free your hand with the pointed pen and requires no drawing experience. You will be amazed at how quickly your skills will build as your embrace this beautiful art form. Open to all skill levels.

Supply List

  • Straight pen staff recommended but oblique holders may be used.
  • Nibs: Zebra G recommended for beginners, Hunt 101 recommended for intermediate/advanced students or bring your favourite.
  • Ink: McCaffery Brown or Ziller Buffalo Brown for Line and Wash Technique
  • McCaffery Black or Old World Iron Gall ink
  • Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleedproof White (for work on dark paper)
  • 2 small water jars and inexpensive mixing brushes
  • Eye dropper or pipette for water
  • Newspaper to act as cushion sheet
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Soft vinyl eraser
  • Factis black eraser
  • Paper towels for pen wipes
  • Note taking supplies


  • Practice paper: my favourite is Rhodia blank or gridded or Maruman Imagination Paper in blank or gridded. If you have a favourite blank practice paper that works well with pointed pen, please bring it along.
  • Michael’s Recollection cardstock in black or any dark colour
  • Hot Press 140 lbs watercolour paper
  • All cardstock and hot press papers should be cut to 5” x 7” sizes. We will be doing several projects.

Colour Supplies:

  • Watercolour and watercolour pencil will be demonstrated for the line and wash technique. We will be using a few colours for florals, so bring your favourites and a mixing palette if you wish to use watercolour. John Neal supplies a Daniel Smith Watercolour Dot card of my favourite colours that acts as a palette.
  • You will need two good quality small pointed round watercolour brushes in size 0 or 1.

I use sable brushes from Series 33 but any good quality watercolour brush will work

  • We will be using a few colours for florals, so bring your favourites and a mixing palette if you wish to use watercolour.
  • Coloured Pencils: bring a few of your favourites. I use Prismacolor, Faber-Castell Polychromos and Derwent Coloursoft.

If you have any of these, please bring them along to add depth to your work.

  • Sakura Gelly Roll pen in clear stardust
  • Hot foil pen
  • Finetec gold metallic watercolour
  • Diane Townsend pastels for background effects (with small piece of sandpaper and applicator brush)
  • Anything shimmery or shiny that you can add to your work.
Supply Fee $0.00