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Spencerian Lettering

Harvest Crittenden
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  • 2.5 days (1st half)
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Designed for everyone who has an interest in learning or bettering their proficiency in vintage penmanship this class is the perfect place to start. American penmanship played a tremendous role in the education of our citizens during the 19th and early 20th centuries. The skill and teaching of handwriting had a vast influence in the progressive increase of literacy throughout our population, and business writing became the mainstream vehicle for all commercial correspondence. In addition, Spencerian Script touched nearly everyone at that time with the social expression of correspondence, allowing families and friends to stay in touch with one another. Developed by Platt Rogers Spencer during 'the Golden Age of Penmanship' this system of writing is still very relevant today. It is one of the most requested bridal hands.

Supply List

  • Nikko G or Zebra G nibs are recommended. More advanced students may prefer to use a more flexible nib.
  • An oblique pen holder is recommended, but some do prefer to approach this with a straight pen holder. If left-handed, please let me know prior to class so we can discuss your approach and how I can best help you.
  • Walnut Ink OR Old World Iron Gall Ink OR McCaffery’s black ink
  • Good quality translucent layout paper, Borden & Riley OR Canson OR Claire Fontane approx. 8.5” x 11”, but any size will do
  • A mechanical pencil .5 with extra lead
  • A red pencil for correction
  • A kneaded eraser
  • A ruler, approx. 12” or longer
Supply Fee $0.00
Class Full