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Gothicized Italic

Barry Morentz
  • 2.5 days (2nd half)
  • All
  • EN

Edward Johnston’s last major manuscript hand, developed in 1924, was a compressed Foundational characterized by a rich, dense texture quite similar to a Gothic Textura. The name Gothicized Italic is, however, somewhat misleading, because the forms themselves bear little, if any, affinity to Italian Renaissance styles. Yet because of its compressed, pointed character, and when written on a slight slope, it does take on something of the lively rhythm of Italic, culminating in an evocative, often sumptuous style of writing. It is most effective for wedding invitations, formal documents, and some poetry.

In this workshop we begin by looking at Johnston’s forms and their historical antecedents. Then we zoom into the 21st century and consider the forms stripped of anachronisms, and apply modern techniques to make them more viable.

Day 1 deals with the minuscules and the rhythm of writing and spacing. On Day 2 we will work with the variables that create an entirely different feel, as well as with the bounty of styles that permit us to create an endless repertory of Capitals.

This class is not for the newcomer to Calligraphy or for the faint-hearted. Prior experience, and some fluidity in Foundational and Italic is essential.

Supply List

  • Usual calligraphalia
  • Speedball C1 or C2, or Mitchell 0 or 1 for practice; some smaller sizes for actual writing.
  • NO FOUNTAIN PENS - It is not possible to understand or perform the subtleties inherent to this style with these instruments.
  • Favourite inks; stick ink preferable; some colours if desired
  • Guideline sheet of C-1 or C-2 or equivalent, 5 pw in height with 5 pw interlinear space. It is helpful to prepare this in advance of the class in order to save valuable working time.
Supply Fee $0.00