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Rendez-vous 2019

Since 1981, calligraphers have gathered in a different city each year for the International Calligraphy Conference, united by their mutual love of letters. We are delighted to host the 38th edition of this conference in Sherbrooke, Québec (Canada) from June 29 to July 6, 2019. Rendez-vous 2019 will take place at Bishop’s University, located in the beautiful Eastern Townships less than two hours southeast of Montréal.

The conference will be a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from world-class, renowned instructors from different parts of the world. Our faculty will be announced in the fall, and for the first time in the conference’s history, we plan to offer several classes in French! Participants can opt to take either one week-long class or two half-week classes. An exhibition of calligraphy pieces will be held all week, lectures and social activities are scheduled each evening, and we will have onsite stores with specialty calligraphy supplies and books.

Bishop’s University

Rendez-vous 2019 will be held at Bishop’s University, an English language university founded in 1843. Located at the junction of the Saint-François and Massawippi Rivers, Bishop’s is often referred to as “Oxford on the Massawippi”. The architecture is greatly influenced by the Gothic revival period and includes historic buildings such as St. Mark’s Chapel. The campus has extensive facilities, including numerous walking and biking paths, a wildlife refuge, recreation centre, outdoor pool and Canada’s oldest nine-hole golf course.

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